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Are you running Volumill or DynamicMill or a High Efficiency Milling Program? If you have any jobs with Heavy Chip Removal you should be!  High Efficiency Milling Tool Paths will take a Heavy Axial DOC at a Light Radial DOC at Fast Feeds and Speeds (we are running at 8,800 RPM & 110 IPM in 304 Stainless Steel) due to the constant chipload its toolpaths generate especially in the corners.  In heavy roughing applications (especially pocketing) customers cut cycle time to 25% of what it was at with HEM.

The issue we run into is knowing what Speeds/Feeds/DOC to run and which Tool is the best for the applciation  Click here for Parameters and Click thru the links below to get the Ideal End Mill for Your Application Recommended to You:

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