VoluMill, DynamicMill, iMachining Speeds/Feeds

In Roughing Applications on a CNC Mill we have found the Fastest and Most Cost Effective way to machine is to use an Optimized Tool Path Software (like Volumill, DynamicMill or iMachining) along with a High Performance Variable Pitch End Mill.  An Optimized Tool Path will lay out a tool path that will always keep a constant chipload on the End Mill along with using Trochoidal passes to keep the end mill engagement angle consistent when milling into corners and inside radius. 

With it we see huge cycle time reductions (25% of standard milling paths), better tool life and find it is easier on spindles (10%-20% on the load meter for a 1/2" End Mill in a CAT40 Spindle). 

The key thing is to take a Large Axial DOC (Full Flute) along with a Light Radial DOC (Stepover) at the correct speeds/feeds to take advantage of the Optimized Tool Paths.  But we are finding it can be tough to find these speeds and feeds so we put together our own Speed and Feed Chart to give good Starting Parameters when using Optimized Tool Paths. 

Also, when running at the faster speeds/feeds recommended in an Optimized Tool Path it is very important to have a Toolholder with Low Runout and Strong Holding Power. So we also put together a page with a Holder Recommender based on the Tool Diameter, Click the Link Below to View:

Optimized Tool Path ToolHolder Recommender

We have put together a Simple Speed/Feed Calculator for Optimized Tool Paths (like Volumill, DynamicMill or iMachining) for the most common End Mill Diameters we see (1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" & 5/8").  Just select a Material Below and then Select a Diameter x LOC to View Speeds/Feeds!

Select a Material Type Below to View Speeds/Feeds:

 If you don't see the Material you are running or are running a different diameter let us know and we will get you Speeds/Feeds!