HILL Recommended: Cut Off Tools

Cut Off Tooling:

Here are our recommendations for selecting the right cut off tooling for your job. Each application is different from job to job and should be chosen for the optimal tool life and efficiency. Can't find what you are looking for or need further guidance? Chat with us below and we can help determine the best solution for your tooling needs!

For Square Shanks 2" Diameter and Under:

We have found that the Kyocera KGD Cutoff Inserts and Holders work very well in Steels, Stainless and Aluminum applications. The KGD has a rigid setup with a large top screw and insert grades that hold up extremely well in the correct applications. This setup uses a Double Ended Dog Boned Insert making it very economical. The KGD Inserts and Holders are available in standard use or coolant thru. To shop our available KGD tooling, click here.

Cut Off Blades Up to 3" Cut Off Diameter:

We didn't believe in the value of cut off blades until we ran Kyocera's KPK Cut Off Blades and Inserts. The KPK system is more rigid than any other cut off blade out there and gives a far superior insert life. We ran this cut off tool on 316 Stainless Steel Square Stock and it held up! These tools are available in standard and coolant thru. To shop our available KPK Blades, Inserts and Holders, click here.

Swiss Tooling for Small Diameter Cut Off (Up to 0.630" Diameter):

Kyocera's TKF Inserts and Holders work very well in the Swiss application. The TKF System holds Cut Off, Grooving, Back Turning and Threading Inserts. The inserts range from .472" to .630" Max Cut Off Diameter. This will give the best possible finishes at 0.020" - 0.079" width. Kyocera does offer a 0.000" Radius Insert for the sharpest cutoff insert possible as well as 16° & 20° lead angles. The tools are available in standard and coolant thru. To shop our available TKF Inserts and Holders for Swiss machining, click here.

Swiss Tooling for Large Diameter Cutoff (up to 1.653"/42mm Diameter):

Kyocera's KGD is also a great solution to tooling in this type of application. The KGD Double Ended Dog Bone Inserts are more economical than the TKF Inserts. The KGD has excellent chip control and insert life in larger cutoff diameter applications in the Swiss. Every holder is right on centerline making setup ideal and starts at 3/8" shank. From there the tool is held to .051", .059", .078" or .118" width. To shop our available KGD Inserts and Holders for Swiss machining, click here.