We are always looking for the best deal for you!  Here are all the Latest Promos we are running right now:

Milling Promos

Kyocera High Feed Mill Promo Pack

Kyocera is offering Promo Kit Prices on their Indexable High Feed Mills. Our favorites are the MFH MAX (for 1" to 3" Diameters, the Best High Feed Mill on the market!) and the MFH Mini (for 5/8" and 3/4" Diameters). Click on the Link above to View

Korloy Kits

Korloy has their Alpha Mill Indexable End Mills/Face Mills for APKT Inserts, Pro-X Mills Indexable End Mills/Face Mills for Aluminum and Saw Man Cutoff Tools in Kits that Includes the Holder & 10 Inserts. Click on the Link Above to View the Kits (Good while inventory lasts at Factory).

ZCC GD Double Margin High Performance Carbide Drills

The GD Series Double Margin ALRCN Coated High Performance Carbide Drills have tested extremely well for us and the promo pricing is great! We just recently ran a .1575" 5XD Coolant Thru Drill going 1" deep in 316 Stainless Steel and got 2,864 holes on 1 Drill!  We also ran a 10.5mm 3XD Coolant Thru Drill in 8620 and got 5,600 parts on 1 Drill (while Sumitomo got 2,200 parts in the same application).

Techleader 90° Indexable Spot Drill Promo

Techleader has their 90° Included Angle x .551" Max  Diameter x 5/8" Shank x 3.94" OAL Indexable Spot Drill, Chamfer Mill & Countersink on promo in a Kit that includes the Drill Body & 5 Inserts for $155. This insert has a lot of back relief to make it free cutting and we have many customers using and liking this tool (it is economical and allows you to run at higher SFM). Click the link above to Order!

Techleader CAT40/CAT50 ER Collet Chuck Promo

Techleader has their CAT40 and CAT50 ER Collet Chucks on Promo (ER16, ER20, ER25 & ER32). Click the Link Above to View Promo Pricing!

 YG Synchro Tap Kits

YG has CAT40/CAT50 Synchro Tap Kits that include the Synchro Tap Holder, ER Collet and (6) High Performance Synchro Taps. With the Synchro you can run 3X-5X Faster RPM!

YG Milling Kit Promo

YG Introduces their New Milling Kits with a Cutter Body, 10 Inserts Kitted in a AMMO BOX. Click above to view all Kits!

Turning Promos

Steel Boring Bar Promo

Above is really good pricing on Steel Coolant Thru & No Coolant Boring Bars for CCMT, DCMT, CNMG & WNMG Inserts. Good Thru 10/31/20

Techleader Hard/Soft Jaws Promo

Great Pricing on Hard and Soft Jaws!  Click the link to view the Soft Jaws (Pointed and Square), Hard Jaws and Full Grip Pie Jaws on Promo.

Type C CNC Toolholder Bushing Promo

Type C Toolholder Bushings are on Promo, click the link above to view!

Misc. Promos

US Lubricants Thrive Oils/Lubricants

Great Pricing on Premium Way Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Spindle Oil, Misting Fluid, Swiss Cutting Oil and Gear Cutting Oil. All with FREE Local Delivery!