Kyocera M-Six Facemill 


The Kyocera M-Six Facemill is a 90° Square Shoulder Facemill that hasfor Stainless Steel, Steel, Cast Iron and Aluminum. Click above to view a test in 1018 steel in which the customer was using a Kennametal High Feed Mill and was able to improve insert life (over 20% Increase), lower insert cost (he saved $2.56 per cutting edge) and drastically cut cycle time (4 minutes per part) with the Kyocera M-Six Cutter!  Click here to view the M-Six Cutters on our site

Kyocera EZ Bar

The Kyocera EZ Bar is a New Quick Change System for Small Part Boring, Grooving, Face Grooving & Threading.  Click the link to view the test in which we cut the customers cost per part in half.  Here is a link to the EZ Bar Catalog and click here to view the the EZ Bars on our site


Kyocera PR1325 Grade for Stainless Steels & Exotics

Kyocera's New PR1325 Grade for Stainless Steels & Exotics has greater heat resistance than previous coatings which has given us 2X to 3X the tool life in tests we have run in Stainless Steel & Exotics. Click on the link to view the recent test, here is a link to the PR1325 Inserts Available